Nursing Homes Transition to a “Garden of Eden” Home-Like Environment

As the aging population continues to rise, many nursing homes are anticipating a sudden rise in resident populations and a rise in the need for healthcare support staff. As you consider the options for your residence into retirement, it is important to look at nursing home locations and the services offered.

Understanding the demand on nursing home staff, and the array of services offered, nursing homes may find it necessary to become more competitive so as to ensure maintenance of their resident population. Approaching nursing care services in an innovative way will work to ensure the nursing home is providing modern services to the residents in retirement.

When considering nursing home services, many potential residents are now looking for a more home-like feel rather than the institutional-type locations. In many countries outside of the United States the creation of home-styled nursing homes has been an effective offering to the elderly population for many years. Only recently, however, has the nursing home industry begun to consider this approach in the United States, often referring to it as a “Garden of Eden” environment.

To the advantage of nursing home residents and the nursing home staff, the home-like feel of a nursing home may serve to break the vicious cycle symptom magnification and intentional self-injury among the nursing home staff. While you may feel this would not be something you would struggle with in a nursing home, the statistics point to an overwhelming number of residents who are simply bored and lonely, thereby creating symptoms to gain attention. This may be an issue to consider.

With a more home-like feel to the residence, the focus of the nursing home is to provide care when needed and not feel as if the facility is full of treatment-needy patients. When we speak of care, what we are referring to is a nursing home that promotes growth and activity for the residents without imposing a sense of stringent and mundane nursing treatment. The focus, therefore, may be on prevention and fostering growth through activities and social events, rather than focusing on medical care; creating a more “Garden of Eden” feel to the activities while promoting growth.

While medical care is an important part of your retirement and nursing home needs, if your health is such that you can operate somewhat independently, your particular nursing home should be one that offers prevention and growth rather than focus on medical treatment. Researching facilities in your area, visiting with staff and touring the facility, may provide the insight you need to make the decision about your nursing home services late into your retirement.